What is Aromatherapy?

Essential oils has been widely used for centuries


The Positive Vibes of Using Authentic Aromatherapy – The Blue Bungalow Spa Tells All.
Who has not popped into the local Drugstore to pick up our favorite scented oil in a jar? But, how many of you are aware that scented jar may not necessarily be what is considered an “Authentic” Aromatherapy, otherwise known as an essential oil?

If you are simply looking for something that smells nice, then that little jar can be most acceptable. However, if you’re in search of an aromatherapy that can give you some healing properties, reach for the truly authentic oils.
What is True Aromatherapy Oil? Known as an Essential oil, true aromatherapy oil is derived from the extracts of various plants. The oil can be extracted from roots, seeds, leaves or the blossoms found on the plant. Lavender and Rose are some good examples.

How should these oils be used? There are a variety of ways to put these oils to use.


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-With a diffuser. Bring your SPA experience Home ❤ The oil is essentially heated and the scent wafts through the area allowing you to breath in the healing powers, setting the mood.

You can add a few drops to your bubble bath. Many massages are performed with the use of these oils. Very good for relaxation. You can purchase a specially made pendant to wear around your neck and add your favorite oils. Carry the scent with you through the day.
What are the benefits? 

* It promotes physical healing, can heal fungal infections and rashes.

* These oils also help greatly with pain relief and inflammation.

* And many of us know these oils to be wonderful stress reducers as well as mood lifters. It is believed that through the sense of smell, our brain can associate scents with a variety of things from memories, emotions and feelings as well as positive thoughts.

This takes place through the oils interaction with our hormones and body enzymes. Everyone knows that when we are in a positive mind set the body reacts positively. Perhaps that is what aids in our healing, relaxing and overall feeling better
So next time you reach for the “oil” try Essential Oils. Relax. Sleep. Heal. If you have any questions about aromatherapy please come by us 🙂 at the Blue Bungalow Spa and Wellness. We can help you select the best essential oils and custom tailor your scents just for you! Wide selections at the SPA or shop online!