What type of massage is best for me?

massage therapy blue bungalow spa rockaway park ny queensRecently, I explained the many benefits of massage therapy. Now you might be wondering, “Which type is best for me?” Well, pull up a chair and stay for a few minutes. Let me point you in the right direction.

Deep Tissue massage therapy focuses on releasing chronic muscle strain and tension. deep tissue massage blue bungalow spa rockaway park nyThis form of massage therapy is usually used to treat a specific injury or problem. The therapist uses slow, deep pressure on the areas of concern. As its name implies it addresses the deepest layers of tendons, muscle tissue and fascia. It aids in lowering blood pressure, and reducing heart rate.

Sports Massage therapy uses specific techniques to address the strain associated with a specific sport. Not only does it treat the specific overuse of certain muscles related to a specific sport, it can be used by athletes to prepare for an event. This massage therapy is known to reduce recovery post event or injury. It also helps the athlete by helping enhance flexibility and increase range of motion. Additionally, it is a body mind treatment that helps to keep athletes performing at their best. massage therapy blue bungalow spa Prenatal massage therapy promotes the overall well-being of the mother to be. It relieves many common pregnancy related discomforts such as stiff muscles and joints, headaches and swelling. It is an amazing stress reliever for the mother to be as it helps improve sleep patterns and relieves anxiety and depression that may sometimes accompany hormonal changes during pregnancy. This massage increases blood flow to the areas of concern and sweeps away toxins and allows for more pure oxygen due to the increased flow of lymphatic fluid. Shiatsu is based on Chinese traditional medicinal system. Finger pressure is used during this massage as well as light palm pressure. It improves the flow of qi, or energy throughout the body. In Chinese alternative medicine it is believed that illness is brought on by imbalances of energy. This alternative method of treatment is believed to calm down the central nervous system. Shiatsu improves circulation and alleviates stress and pain associated with stiff muscles. massage therapy blog blue bungalow spa rockaway park ny Come by at the Blue Bungalow Spa & Wellness where relaxation awaits you! I can discuss these methods of massage in more detail. When you come in for your massage, your therapist will consult with you beforehand to put in place the best massage or combination of massages that are specifically tailored to your needs.


Coola Organic Sunscreen

coola-suncare Blue Bungalow Spa Rockaway Park NY Best SPAGoing into the store looking for sunscreen?! ……hundreds of brands…everything looks exactly the same. Oily, thick, manufactured overseas, and who really knows what kind of ingredients are in these sunscreen products. Don’t you want to know what you are applying on your skin?  Choosing used to be difficult. Not anymore! Now there is one Sunscreen Collection that is above the rest!!!

COOLA Organic Suncare Collection, light weight and provides an even protection from UV rays. It comes in SPF 15 and 30, and it is water resistant up to 80 minutes. They also have SPF 50 for babies. The separate product collections are mineral, classic, body, face, sport, spray, baby, liplux and lotion bars. Each line has different scents available from cucumber to citrus mimosa. Each collection has the COOLA organic sunscreen ingredients that bring this product above others.press_rotator COOLA SUNCARE BLUE BUNGALOW SPA ROCKAWAY PARK NY

COOLA is infused with certified organic ingredients and minerals to enhance your skin’s glow as it is protected from the sun. Some of the natural ingredients are acai fruit oil, aloe Vera, avocado butter and coconut oil. Each ingredient is carefully selected to result in this strong, effective sunscreen. All COOLA products are formulated with 97% organic ingredients in San Diego, where the company is based.coola-suncare-essdential beach rockaway park Blue bungalow Spa

Try all of the products that are available from COOLA Organic SunCare Collection and change the way you care for your skin. Stop in to see us at The Blue Bungalow Spa & Wellness…we’ll help you select the best product for you.


What is Aromatherapy?

Essential oils has been widely used for centuries


The Positive Vibes of Using Authentic Aromatherapy – The Blue Bungalow Spa Tells All.
Who has not popped into the local Drugstore to pick up our favorite scented oil in a jar? But, how many of you are aware that scented jar may not necessarily be what is considered an “Authentic” Aromatherapy, otherwise known as an essential oil?

If you are simply looking for something that smells nice, then that little jar can be most acceptable. However, if you’re in search of an aromatherapy that can give you some healing properties, reach for the truly authentic oils.
What is True Aromatherapy Oil? Known as an Essential oil, true aromatherapy oil is derived from the extracts of various plants. The oil can be extracted from roots, seeds, leaves or the blossoms found on the plant. Lavender and Rose are some good examples.

How should these oils be used? There are a variety of ways to put these oils to use.


#1 Available at the Blue Bungalow Spa & Wellness


-With a diffuser. Bring your SPA experience Home ❤ The oil is essentially heated and the scent wafts through the area allowing you to breath in the healing powers, setting the mood.

You can add a few drops to your bubble bath. Many massages are performed with the use of these oils. Very good for relaxation. You can purchase a specially made pendant to wear around your neck and add your favorite oils. Carry the scent with you through the day.
What are the benefits? 

* It promotes physical healing, can heal fungal infections and rashes.

* These oils also help greatly with pain relief and inflammation.

* And many of us know these oils to be wonderful stress reducers as well as mood lifters. It is believed that through the sense of smell, our brain can associate scents with a variety of things from memories, emotions and feelings as well as positive thoughts.

This takes place through the oils interaction with our hormones and body enzymes. Everyone knows that when we are in a positive mind set the body reacts positively. Perhaps that is what aids in our healing, relaxing and overall feeling better
So next time you reach for the “oil” try Essential Oils. Relax. Sleep. Heal. If you have any questions about aromatherapy please come by us 🙂 at the Blue Bungalow Spa and Wellness. We can help you select the best essential oils and custom tailor your scents just for you! Wide selections at the SPA or shop online!




Bronzed Beauties and Sun Exposure

Summer is right around the corner! You start thinking about slipping on that bathingTan suit 🙂 Everyone wants that Sunkiss Glow. Many people believe that bronzed skin is a youthful and healthy look but there are dangers associated with sun exposure and indoor tanning. UV rays are dangerous and sometimes deadly. A tan equals skin cell damage and that’s no joke.

You may feel pretty but you are doing serious damage to your skin and in the long run, the results may make you feel not so pretty.

#True Facts of Sun Damage:
*Weakens your Skin

*Leathery Appearance

*Dry Skin

*Accelerate Aging Process

*Discolored Skin

*Most Serious one Skin Cancer!!

Sun burn is more serious than the initial discomfort felt – especially for children. In fact, one serious blister or sun burn more than doubles your chance of developing Melanoma later in life. Melanoma results from intense sun burns.
Did you know?

*There are now more cases of skin cancer from indoor tanning facilities than there are from lung cancer cases associated with smoking? Sadly, that is the case.

People who utilize tanning beds before the age of 30 increase their chances of developing melanoma by 75 percent. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, “melanoma will kill an estimated 8,650 people in the US this year alone.” Tanning beds also increase the likelihood of developing squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell press_rotator COOLA SUNCARE BLUE BUNGALOW SPA ROCKAWAY PARK NYcarcinoma by 2.5 and 1.5 percent respectively.
The solution is simple “DO NOT TAN” indoors or outside!
When you are in the sun, protect your skin. Wear hats and clothing that covers your skin. Use a sunscreen with spf of at least an spf 15 and reapply every thirty minutes.  Always, always wear UV blocking sunglasses as sun exposure also causes cataracts. If you are of light skin and hair, you need to exercise even more caution out in the sun because you are more likely to develop skin cancer.
However, you can still make your skin beach-beautiful right here at the Blue Bungalow Spa! We use a sunless airbrush tanning system by South Seas Skincare, the official Spray tan sponsor for the stars of HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX networks! Those products are parabens free and made from organic and natural ingredients. 
Sunless Airbrush Tanning at the Blue Bungalow Spa is safe, healthy and customized especially for you!

Massage Therapy Heaven

Did you know that massage therapy is now being used alongside standard treatments for a variety of health issues? Massage has been a client favorite for reducing stress and battling muscle tension for quite some time but, more and more people are now utilizing massage therapy for an increasingly wide variety of health conditions. Grab your cup of tea and read on.

massage therapy blue bungalow spa NY queens rockaway parkBefore I tell you more, you might be wondering “What exactly IS massage?” I’m glad you asked! In simplest terms, massage therapy is the manipulation of the various muscles and connective tissues in a variety of ways. This manipulation aims to increase function, aid in the healing process and to soothe and relieve pain. Massage has been around for thousands of years. Massage boosts the immune system, increases circulatory function, aids in the release of toxins that are harmful to your body, reduces swelling and eliminates the pain associated with a variety of conditions. In addition to all of this, it melts Stress Away

Many people are now using massage therapy alongside their standard health care routine. If you are suffering from any of the following disorders, massage therapy may be an option for you.

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Mood Disorders
• Insomnia
• Fibromyalgia
• Endometriosis
• Joint Pain
• Muscle disorders
• Sports injuries
• Migraines
• Digestive health issues
• Other Chronic pain disorders
• Sprains and Strains
• Myofascial Pain Syndrome

massage therapy Spa & Wellness Rockaway Par NY Blue Bungalow SPaIf you’re considering massage therapy, please always consult your health care provider first. When choosing a massage therapist, make sure they are licensed and insured. You’ll also want to discuss your history of health as well as the health issues for which you are seeking therapy at length with your massage therapist prior to your first visit. This will enable your therapist to treat you most effectively. If you would like to learn more about massage therapy including the different types of massage and what to expect on your first visit, please come by at the Blue Bungalow Spa here in Rockaway and make your appointment. You’ll be glad you did:)





Were you born with sand dollars in your eyes and salt water in your hair? Do you look in the mirror and wonder if your golden days as Sun Goddess were really worth it? At the Blue Bungalow Spa, Patricia Rorke really understands. As a woman celebrating life over 50, Pat has spent most of her life living on the beach, Pat knew she needed to develop a skin care regime specifically geared towards the treatment of sun damaged skin for women just like you.

Pat spent years developing THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM. She tested products with all of the right ingredients until she found a combination of research based, non-invasive products that had proven results. That was just the beginning. Along with a system of superior products, Pat introduced two machines that are key components to THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM. The Microcurrent machine and the IntraceuticalsOxygen machine provide fast, proven, long-term results. Expanding on an already amazing non-invasive treatment program, Pat went deeper! Her program is two-fold, healing skin from the outside in and from the inside out, targeting all layers of skin! THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM involves holistic-minded therapy as it examines the source of skin irregularities. Pat individualizes each client’s treatment based on their lifestyle, the environment, and internal health.

THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM results in beautiful, more radiant looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are drastically minimized, skin tone is improved and irregularities in pigmentation are corrected. Pat states “I am loving what I do and I smile during the treatments on my clients when I see the changes I make for their skin. Some clients are well into their 60s and their skin looks 10 years younger.” To find out more, call Pat or visit the Blue Bungalow Spa. Rejuvenate your skin with THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM.

Osmosis Skincare shares our philosophy of healing the skin from the inside out.


The products that we choose at Blue Bungalow Spa are always high quality ingredients that we’ve done our research on to give you the best results. But skin problems like Rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis are always a tough one. That’s why we have once again turned to Osmosis Skincare for the best results in this department. Your skin needs to heal from the inside out. And Osmosis has the holistic approach that we share on the path to beautiful skin.

Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare is a revolutionary product line created by Dr. Ben Johnson. Doctor Johnson believes in treating the skin from the inside out without causing inflammation or damage to the epidermis. In doing so, you will have long term, anti-aging results.

First, a little bit of science. In our entire lifetime our epidermis never thins. The dermis however (or mattress as I like to call it) thins at a rate of 1-1.5% per year starting in our twenties. The dermis thins primarily because it is overwhelmed with free radical damage and inflammation, mainly from the sun, stress and diet. Some darker skin types will tend to thin less rapidly due to the protective effects of more melanin while those smokers and partiers will thin faster due to the added toxins that vasoconstrict the blood cells. As skincare professionals we have been taught to focus on the declining rate of epidermal turnover which slows down as we age. There is no question that exfoliating the epidermis speeds up cellular turnover. However, Dr. Johnson believes that this is not a healthy event, it is because the skin is rushing to fix the damage to the detriment of the dermis. You see, when the dermis is forced to fix the damaged epidermis, it must divert nutrients and repair that it normally would have used for itself. This leads to the conclusion that chronic exfoliation speeds aging. Why then wouldn’t we focus on providing nutrients to the dermis instead? It’s time to try a new approach to restore the skin’s health and repair activities to the full potential.

The basis of the Osmosis line is to allow the skin to exfoliate naturally and focus on the delivery of active ingredients into the dermal layer where the majority of skin issues originate. Osmosis achieves remarkable results by addressing every aspect of skin damage through increased collagen and elastin production, remodeling scar tissue, increasing the skin’s nutrition and growth factors and actively repairing DNA damage.

So if you have problem skin we can help you with our Skin Fitness Program along with the proper nutrition and supplements. Give us a ring or email us at the bluebungalowspa@aol.com for a consultation.

Stay well,
Patricia Rorke

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