Beauty and the Beach



Were you born with sand dollars in your eyes and salt water in your hair? Do you look in the mirror and wonder if your golden days as Sun Goddess were really worth it? At the Blue Bungalow Spa, Patricia Rorke really understands. As a woman celebrating life over 50, Pat has spent most of her life living on the beach, Pat knew she needed to develop a skin care regime specifically geared towards the treatment of sun damaged skin for women just like you.

Pat spent years developing THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM. She tested products with all of the right ingredients until she found a combination of research based, non-invasive products that had proven results. That was just the beginning. Along with a system of superior products, Pat introduced two machines that are key components to THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM. The Microcurrent machine and the IntraceuticalsOxygen machine provide fast, proven, long-term results. Expanding on an already amazing non-invasive treatment program, Pat went deeper! Her program is two-fold, healing skin from the outside in and from the inside out, targeting all layers of skin! THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM involves holistic-minded therapy as it examines the source of skin irregularities. Pat individualizes each client’s treatment based on their lifestyle, the environment, and internal health.

THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM results in beautiful, more radiant looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are drastically minimized, skin tone is improved and irregularities in pigmentation are corrected. Pat states “I am loving what I do and I smile during the treatments on my clients when I see the changes I make for their skin. Some clients are well into their 60s and their skin looks 10 years younger.” To find out more, call Pat or visit the Blue Bungalow Spa. Rejuvenate your skin with THE SKIN FITNESS PROGRAM.


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