Osmosis Skincare shares our philosophy of healing the skin from the inside out.


The products that we choose at Blue Bungalow Spa are always high quality ingredients that we’ve done our research on to give you the best results. But skin problems like Rosacea, acne, hyperpigmentation and dermatitis are always a tough one. That’s why we have once again turned to Osmosis Skincare for the best results in this department. Your skin needs to heal from the inside out. And Osmosis has the holistic approach that we share on the path to beautiful skin.

Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare is a revolutionary product line created by Dr. Ben Johnson. Doctor Johnson believes in treating the skin from the inside out without causing inflammation or damage to the epidermis. In doing so, you will have long term, anti-aging results.

First, a little bit of science. In our entire lifetime our epidermis never thins. The dermis however (or mattress as I like to call it) thins at a rate of 1-1.5% per year starting in our twenties. The dermis thins primarily because it is overwhelmed with free radical damage and inflammation, mainly from the sun, stress and diet. Some darker skin types will tend to thin less rapidly due to the protective effects of more melanin while those smokers and partiers will thin faster due to the added toxins that vasoconstrict the blood cells. As skincare professionals we have been taught to focus on the declining rate of epidermal turnover which slows down as we age. There is no question that exfoliating the epidermis speeds up cellular turnover. However, Dr. Johnson believes that this is not a healthy event, it is because the skin is rushing to fix the damage to the detriment of the dermis. You see, when the dermis is forced to fix the damaged epidermis, it must divert nutrients and repair that it normally would have used for itself. This leads to the conclusion that chronic exfoliation speeds aging. Why then wouldn’t we focus on providing nutrients to the dermis instead? It’s time to try a new approach to restore the skin’s health and repair activities to the full potential.

The basis of the Osmosis line is to allow the skin to exfoliate naturally and focus on the delivery of active ingredients into the dermal layer where the majority of skin issues originate. Osmosis achieves remarkable results by addressing every aspect of skin damage through increased collagen and elastin production, remodeling scar tissue, increasing the skin’s nutrition and growth factors and actively repairing DNA damage.

So if you have problem skin we can help you with our Skin Fitness Program along with the proper nutrition and supplements. Give us a ring or email us at the bluebungalowspa@aol.com for a consultation.

Stay well,
Patricia Rorke

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